Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Little Red Riding Hood II, by Jenny Walters

Jennie Harbour, 1921

Here's another piece on the same theme, this time from the lovely Jenny Walters. It was Jenny's idea to write about Little Red Riding Hood, and in many ways this piece lies curled at the heart of my own response... no doubt it's licking its paws.

A button came loose on your little red hooded coat,
You sat by my side as I threaded my needle and started to sew.
I click the T V to black and the room is silent like the forest.
The words come to me,
I cannot stop them,
Have I ever told you the story...?
I know you are frightened of the echo in my voice
From years before. It is written in you too.
You glimpse my teeth as I tell you,
Trust no-one,
Do not follow the path.

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