Monday, 12 July 2010

Time Glides Away II

So, I am set for the conference. I've printed a stack of cards with my contact details (pictured above), made from a vision board I assembled a couple of months ago. I've also finished the last alterations to my paper; read it aloud many times to my husband, Phill, our cat, Flo, and our fox-mauled hen, Sylvia, who's currently living in the house, roosting on the side of the bath at night and raiding our compost bin during the day. She's been inside for the past two weeks and doesn't seem at all interested in the garden any longer. Instead, she's developed a fondness for Radio Three (we tried her on Radio Six, but it made her squawk) and seems to like Baroque music most of all. I may well have to take her to Handel's Rinaldo at Glyndebourne next year: a perching ticket, perhaps?

Tomorrow, saying Goodbye to family (furred, feathered & otherwise), I'll catch a train to London to meet Terri at Charing Cross. Together we'll go to the V & A, where we'll look at lots of small spaces & get excited about spatial theory.

On Wednesday, having said Goodbye to Terri and her family (furred and Neil-her-lovely-chap-shaped) I'll catch two further trains from Euston to Birmingham and from Birmingham to New Town, Powys; followed by a taxi to Gregynog Hall and three days of conference joy.

Lastly, on Friday, I'll say Goodbye to the gorgeous Gregynog and its 750 acres of gardens and catch a fourth and final train to Cardiff, where I'll meet Phill again and together we'll go to our friend Donal's birthday party in the Celtic round house on his (mostly human) family's land in St. Hilary.

While we're away, the gorgeous Caroline has kindly agreed to look after the furred and feathered crew. She is under instructions to leave the radio on.


  1. P.S. In the move to, all your comments disappeared. I'm so sorry!

    S x

  2. Loved reading that. All furred and feathered friends are well, caught Sylvia dancing on the side of the bath, she's worn out now, so curtains are drawn and bedtime story read. xx