Monday, 31 January 2011

Sandy Tozer, In Praise of Martin Luther King in 21 Syllables

If you were there
America would not have
White Houses would be left empty
For telling stories and real news

Too many

If you were there
America would not and
We'd praise you
Like Griots in a southern mall

Still too many

If you were here
I'd sing and kiss your sweet, sweet face
Because there are words
To call the blues

***Sandy wrote this piece on 17th January, Martin Luther King Day. It's a reply of sorts to my own twenty-one syllable pieces. Sandy says it's a work in progress; I say I wish I'd written it.


  1. Dear Sian, thank you! But sadly it really is a work in progress
    (e.g. It should read: We'd sing and kiss...)
    Acknowledgement: I wrote it after reading about Camille Yarbrough (who composed the lyrics and whose voice you hear in Fat Boy Slim's 'Praise You') She honours Griots (West African praise singer/poet historians).

  2. Well, despite being a work in progress, I think it's a very evocative and beautiful piece Sandy!