Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ace of Wands

This new habit of blogging whenever I can has brought with it a burst of energy.  It's a side-effect I didn't expect.  I've been tearing from blog posts, to poems, to the book I'm writing with Sinead, to preparation for the class I'll be teaching on Monday.  

I asked for a tarot card for today's post and picked the Ace of Wands, which according to Rachel Pollack represents a 'gift of strength, of power, [...] of the love of living.'  A E Waite lists some of the card's qualities as 'Creation, invention, enterprise.'  I certainly feel full of energy: alight with life, like the hand holding the wand in the Rider Waite deck.

Sandy says there's always a price to pay for these bursts of energy and in my quieter moments I wonder what this one will cost.  Last night I was too tired to do anthing more than lie on the sofa with Hellebore Cat and leave my copy of The Idiot unopened on the floor, so perhaps I'm paying the price as I go.  Pollack adds that the Ace of Wands 'teaches humility, for it reminds us that that ultimately we have done nothing morally to deserve [this] optimism and greater energy.'  Perhaps if I can accept that I've done nothing special to deserve my new-found vigour I'll be happy, or at least okay, to let it go again.

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  1. Did I say that? How gloomy of me - take no notice.
    I'm envious, sounds like you are resting as you go - perfect pacing!
    Lovely let go stuff :-) Sandy x