Tuesday 26 June 2012

Ovid's Echo

Many months have passed again.  I've been busy, writing and fretting about writing, and I've made a website, which has liberated me from having to keep my blog up to date.  As I've mentioned before I'm no journalist: writing quickly and turning words out in the space of one day is something that reduces me to a hot-cheeked panic.  It takes months, sometimes years to make anything interesting of my work.  I'm just a slow developer: my childhood, teens and twenties were all painful, scary years, mostly spent wandering down the wrong paths or simply sitting by the roadside wondering how anyone managed to walk at all.  It's only in the last ten years that I feel I've accomplished anything significant; so I guess it's not surprising that I write slowly too.

Anyway, I'm here today because I have something merry to report: the publication of my first pamphlet, Ovid's Echo.  It comes out next month and you can pre-order it through Waterstones.   It's published by the Paekakariki Press, with illustrations by Johnny Marsh.  The picture above is more or less the cover, except that in the final version the text is an elegant burgundy, but you get the idea.