Tuesday, 6 November 2012


worn jeans bare trees my too stiff neck and shoulders which need which need light bare trees glass winter stem frost samuel on the bed fur like sand dunes shoulders belly moving ripples dunes closed window four hens in the garden this book identical to the last worn jeans knees pale november watered sun dunes open door to the bathroom picture on my wall straight not straight a child in the centre phill's clock my clock tarot cards in their box telling fortunes to the lid sandy's hen shaped ocarina bowl of marbles plastic ruler clock frog charm from diana volume of medieval latin verse free translations one remove two three so free they may to november my neck my neck which still needs work lemon balm four hens in the garden grass aches and melissa

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  1. Writing friend of mine, you are so fabulous. Good night and may sweet rivers of words run through your dreams. Or, may I say how much I enjoyed the above post. I did.