Sunday, 11 December 2011

Day 11: A Bestiary

 Detail from Judith Leyster, A Boy and a Girl with a Cat and an Eel
Claw stretch to paw stretch to shake fur and shiver.  Sneeze, blink, yawn and stretch again.  Leg-side down, thigh-side down, belly-side-rib-side-drop-the-lot.  Sniff damp.  Head shuffle-rub; rub again.  Whisker crush, ear squash, head goes over chin.  Over goes it all.  Wriggle along from tip of head to neck to shoulders, back and bottom.  Tail out.  Onto other side.  Ear twitch; scratch a bite.  Lick paw.  Ear pitch forward, paw squash behind.  Lick squash lick squash, pause.  Lick squash lick squash, shake.  Air ripples whiskers.  Coming rain.  Fluff in claw.  Nibble chew gnaw spit.  Tail lift, thwack.  Up.  Rain.  Twitch coat.  Go.

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