Monday, 19 December 2011

Day 19: An Invoice (actually an End of Year Account) for 2011

Recipes for plover, lark and pigeon pies from Warne's Model Cookery


Tuscan bouillabaisse and Whitstable oysters in Sussex
Cornish paella
Mayfield and Cardiff curries
Pumpkin pie in Lewes
Thai curry in Finchley
Boeuf bourguignon in West Horsley
Italian white truffles at home.

Rusalka's tail
Mimi's hat
Isolde's potion
Captain Crawley's Ace of Hearts
Ippolit's diary
An armful of Sibyl Jardine's dahlias.

Hellebore, the morning I found her stuck up an oak tree, having called for her from first light and spent a sleepless night worrying because she hadn't come in 
Many mice and several slow-worms and birds from Samuel and Hellebore's paws.  


The deer I drove into one night a few months ago
My father-in-law Barry, who died in January
My lovely friend Lee, who crashed his motorbike in April
Very nearly my husband Phill, when he fell off his bicycle in August, hitting a car and the road
The many mice and several slow-worms and birds that Samuel and Hellebore have eaten
Two marbles from the front pocket of my new Florentine satchel
My belief that if I'm a good(ish) person nothing bad will happen to me
All hope that I will ever gain even a partial understanding of why we are alive.

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