Friday, 9 December 2011

Day 9: In my pocket

One of the things I did buy.
I put the things I stole while I was queueing at the checkout: Little Bear Teddy Top Cones; chocolate waffles; Fox's Brandy Snaps; Scooby Doo! Freezerpops; Cadbury's Flakes; fifteen bottle of Becks; a case or two of Chablis; rolls of giftwrap; Sainburys Magazine; Duracell Ultra Power; a £20 Halfords Gift Card; a copy of Closer; three giant plastic decorations and a cardboard Christmas pudding; the cafe; the telephone; the pharmacy; the man who'd lost his daughter; the forget-me-not-blue of the coat of the woman in front; the three or four smiles from my fellow shoppers; the puddle in the car park; the crawl of trolleys like the crawl of cars; snatched conversations on nativity plays; 'Sorry's and 'Thank you's; my furrowed brow.

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